• Roundtable DVD: Why Don't They Just Quit?

90-Min. Roundtable DVD: Why Don't They Just Quit? What families and friends need to know about addiction and recovery.
Experts discuss and provide answers to over 35 tough questions dealing with these issues.
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You will learn:
- What works, what doesn't, and why.
- Why a person doesn't have to hit rock-bottom.
- Why efective intervention doesn't have to be a surprise attack.
- Can a person just cut down?
- When helping is actually hurting.
- Is it okay to smoke weed in recovery?
- How to deal with relapse.


Why Don't They Just Quit? DVD Roundtable Discussion

Our church's addictions ministry is using this DVD for training and at their support group sessions. Highly recommended for personal or professional use. ~Nancy Kinney

This DVD, along with the book, are about the only tools available to us loved ones on the outside, who want to help a substance abuser begin the spiritual journey to healing, peace, and rest.It is perfect to start one's own education about this insidious disease, and then to share it with the rest of the family and friends, who may not have the time to read a new book, but will take a few hours to watch a DVD. That open door is all it will take. ~Robb Burgie (Pineville, North Carolina)

"Why Don't They Just Quit" is a must see for those who have loved ones suffering from the disease of Addiction. Joe answers questions for us that are on this journey of being educated about this terrible disease. We show this DVD at our support group meetings on an ongoing basis. ~Diane Buxton

I purchased this DVD and was very excited to find some answers that you don't get anywhere else. It gives you an insight from the addict himself to understand the distorted thinking that comes with addiction. It will help you better understand and relate to the addict in your life. ~Sherry C. (Lake Oswego, Oregon)

If you've ever wondered why a loved one or friend continues to destroy their lives (and/or others), and wished you knew what you can and cannot do, then watch this video over and over again - the answers are here if you're willing to hear them. Joe, and the roundtable members, do an excellent job tackling the tough questions - and answers - on addiction. You'll get no dramatic enhancements here, just straight questions and REAL answers on what addiction is, why people don't stop, and what you can do to help them. There are many books, TV programs, and videos out there, but none that match the straightforward truth you'll find here. If you need help, then watch this video with your family - and then follow its suggestions. You'll be happy you did. ~Michael Z, author The Wisdom of the Rooms

My 18 year old grandson has been addicted to drugs and running amok for the past 4 years. The heartaches are huge. I feel it was divine guidance for me to "happen upon" Joe's book and Video discussion of Why Don't They Just Quit? The book and discussion was not only informative but so filled with hope that eventually anyone can quit if that is the choice they make. I gave the book to my grandson and he was inspired by the book. It brought comfort to me, Adam's Mom and others in the family who are struggling. It isn't over yet so this book provides us with a good roadmap from others who have travelled this road and have struggled with this issue before us. 

I appreciate the talk being so frank and uncomplicated for anyone who is just beginning the "Addiction walk" most specifically as a heartbroken family member. This is a difficult time for everyone. Even if the entire book/DVD doesn't address all of the readers/viewers needs it is well worth the financial investment to buy this product. I was so impressed with its contents, I contributed my own money to the Herzaneks so extra books could be purchased and distributed to those who couldn't afford them. ~Carole H. (Bellingham, WA)

Through this outstanding book and accompanying dvd, our family was able to begin the healing process and move away from he horrors of living with an addict among us. The video discussions were meant to be catalysts, we felt, catalysts toward the process of opening a dialogue within our family, and our minds individually. When one family member falls ill from the disease of addiction, everything is seen through a shattered mirror from everyone. Joe Herzanek's exceptional book, his wisdom, and plethora of real life experiences were, for us, such a positive resource, along with the dvd roundtable discussions --- active and accurate learning tools and examples of the whats and how tos that parents and siblings need. His advice put us on the path to really help our son. Dealing with and recognizing the fact that one has this disease is a slow, and evolving process that calls for intense work, introspection, commitment, and more. It also requires that a family make a paradigm shift away from accusations to the addict and past unworkable behaviors, toward taking baby steps to forgiveness, a return to love, health and focus on one day at a time. We found it to be an invaluable reference, and have gone back to visit it many times. Keeping an open mind is vital to dealing with addiction. Reading, learning, listening, discovering, all are a part of the process. And, there is a need for a sense of reality and the inherent value of the Twelve Step Program for parents and siblings as well. ~Mom of Two

"Why Don't They Just Quit" is a must have book, and DVD round table discussion combo. I know from experience watching a love one suffer from addiction, how painful this is for the addict and the family. Most of the times the family does not know much about addiction or what it looks like exactly, all they know is their family structure is in jeopardy. The roundtable opens up many avenues of discussion of what addiction looks like, how it affects the family, and there are solutions. Yes, there are solutions!!! The round table givens valuable advice on many other questions you may have. Questions dealing with relapse, intervention techniques, in addition to what works, and what does not work for addicts, and their families. Joe and the round table members do an excellent job at discussing all the issues of addiction and recovery. Did you notice I said "recovery?" There is hope and this book along with round table discussion will help you on the path to recovery. If you are having addiction issues, or you are a family member watching someone with addiction issues this is a must have. Very insightful and positive. ~Tammy Kinsey

I recently purchased the DVD and book on "Why Don't They Just Quit" by Joe Herzanek. Having a son with a severe alcohol/drug abuse problem, who has been through more than one treatment program, I was desperately looking for answers, not hype or glitter. I found the "roundtable" format on the DVD to be easy to follow. I consider "Why Don't They Just Quit" to be my "Bible" on drug abuse issues affecting the addict and the families. Mr. Herzanek lays it out in a straightforward way, using his and other's personal experiences to clarify the how and why of addiction and recovery. This is a must have tool for anyone that is impacted by a loved one's addiction. ~Mari L. Nelson

Excellent discussion of alcohol and the recovery process. I would highly recommend this video to treatment centers and the aftercare programs. It is a bit long for classroom settings, but could be broken into different sessions to showing to the younger students. I highly recommend this video for the information presented. ~Nancy Price (Molalla, Oregon)

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Roundtable DVD: Why Don't They Just Quit?

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