• DVD: The 10 Toughest Questions Families and Friends Ask About Addiction and Recovery

DVD: The 10 Toughest Questions Families and Friends Ask About Addiction and Recovery
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A wealth of addiction information.
Being able to gain this much information in one short sitting will put your mind at ease and give you the confidence to move forward-knowing that recovery is within reach.

Simple, straightforward, no-nonsense answers to the most often-asked questions. A valuable tool for when you don't have time to wade through volumes of material. Learn how to take control of your life-and help your loved one today!

Answers to these questions: 
• How can I tell . . . if a person is addicted or just a heavy user?
• How do I confront this person?
• How to handle adolescent use and abuse?
• How do I show my love without enabling?
• Does treatment work?
• We can't afford treatment. What now?
• How do I handle relapse? Will this ever stop?
• What if they just can't quit?
• I've tried it all. Nothing is working. What now?
• How do I get MY life back?

Why this DVD?
Over the past several years-as I've counseled hundreds of parents, friends and loved-ones concerned and frustrated by someone's substance use, I began to notice a pattern. People seem to ask a lot of the same questions. I needed a way to quickly give people short, meaningful answers to get them headed in the right direction. My vision is for you to use this as a springboard to help your loved one find new hope in recovery and at the same time, restore sanity to your life. Never give up hope! ~Joe Herzanek

Here's what people are saying about The 10 Toughest Questions DVD:

"I have 27 years continuous recovery in AA and have read a lot of the good, bad, and ugly about recovery. This is an exceptional and concise piece of education for the family of those addicted as well as those in Recovery" ~Kent R. (Loveland, Colorado)

"Excellent! Helpful,to-the-point answers to the hard questions of addiction and how to help a loved one. Offers immediate relief along with the hope and direction you need!" ~Michael Z, Author, The Wisdom of the Rooms

"This DVD is awesome. I am managing three recovery houses as 12-step work (in other words,I am like the house dad for three different houses). I like this DVD so much that I am going to base our house meetings on this." ~Charlie Vaughn (Independence, MO)

". . . extremely helpful because it cuts through the junk and spells things out in a short & sweet, to-the-point manner, with info that is positively right-on and truly encouraging. Anyone seeking answers will benefit. After viewing this, you'll have no doubt you can find the help you so desperately need-and the confidence to move forward." ~Patsy McBroome (Loveland, Colorado)

"Joe Herzanek has created another awesome resource to help the friends and family members of addicts. If someone you care about is struggling with alcohol and drugs, and you don't know what to do, you need to watch this DVD. It is full of help and hope." ~Mike Richards, President, Addiction2Recovery (Houston, TX)

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DVD: The 10 Toughest Questions Families and Friends Ask About Addiction and Recovery

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