• DVD: Why Don't They Just Quit METH? Families need help too.

Why Don't They Just Quit METH? Families need help too.
DVD Roundtable Discussion (2 Disc Set) (DVD)

Running Time: 3:10

Answers for families facing ANY addiction for the first time! 

In this roundtable discussion, experts provide answers to these questions and more:
- What should you do when you know someone is using meth?
- Does forced treatment work?
- Where does a parent get the strength to follow through?
- What happens when you have tried everything and nothing works?
- Is it possible to be an occasional user?
- What did I do to cause this?
- How do I detach with love?
- What are my options; I don't have any money.
- How long does it take to recover?
- Does the family need help? If so why?

Imagine your world, free from sleepless nights, tension and strife.
People recover from addiction all the time. Families need help recovering as well as the addict. Find out what this means and how it happens.

The Family has more power than they realize.

This DVD is for families dealing with ANY drug or alcohol addiction (not just meth).
We provide answers to the most common concerns regarding a family member’s drug use, addressing important family issues that are often overlooked. Although the topic is meth addiction, most of the information covered applies to any addiction.

Discover how our guests rebuilt their lives, mended relationships and restored sanity to their families.

Why Don't They Just Quit METH? Families need help too. DVD Roundtable Discussion (and BONUS FEATURE Disc)

Oh, how I wish that this DVD had been available to me when I found out my 17 year-old daughter was a meth addict in 2007. This DVD provides a wealth of information and hope for users and their families. Families will be surprised to see how critically important It is that they get help and support dealing with this powerful disease. This DVD is a MUST for all dealing with meth addiction.  ~Phil Sagebiel, Parent of recovering meth addict in Texas

Practical solutions families can use right now. . . answers from real folks who have firsthand experience overcoming family trauma related to addiction. This DVD serves as a reminder of how important it is for the non-addict to stay well. Family members are of no help to anyone if they succumb to the disease. It just doesnt beat the subject to death; it offers solutions. I will share this with other family members I know who need to understand this family disease.  ~Gramma Carole H. (Bellingham, WA)

I remember when I didn't know ANYTHING, nor where to turn, and that's when I found your book and DVDs. Very, very eye-opening on all counts. This DVD brings to light how the disease infiltrates everyone in the family emotionally. What impacted me the most were the stories and info from the women. They told it straight out.

The information in this DVD helps the family to better cope with addiction to meth and also provides answers and hope for recovery.
I lived through all phases of my child s meth use as a parent. It was a horrible time to give up our child to addiction (to watch the pain as she reached bottom, to begin our journey together and reap the benefits of full recovery). This DVD helps other parents and friends to know that families can recover and shows from firsthand experience how it can be done. The bonus disk was particularly informative.
  ~Tom Archer, TX

Helps families to find answers and provides hope. Tonya s story stood out to me. She is my niece. I have seen Tonya so deep in it that I never thought she would find her way out. Now I look and hear her and know you can recover; however the addict has to want to get better. It hurts our hearts so much but we can't do it for them. I liked the part of families with addicts being able to share with each other for no one understands until it hits home. ~Melba Browning, Paris, TX

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DVD: Why Don't They Just Quit METH? Families need help too.

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